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Plastic Restoration in Calgary Car Detailing: Strategies & Techniques

April 06, 20243 min read

The beauty of any car lies in its dazzling exterior shine and immaculate interior finish. Over time, plastic parts within the car can lose their allure, becoming cloudy, discolored, or scratched. However, in the world of Calgary car detailing, restoring these plastics to their original state is not impossible.

At Calgary Car Detail, we specialize in the plastic restoration technique, a unique art where we breathe new life into worn-out car plastics. Here's a look at just a few of our best practices.

Assessing the Damage

Before we jump in to treat the plastic, conducting a thorough inspection is crucial. This strategy helps us identify the kind of damage we are dealing with, the seriousness of the condition, and what techniques would be best suited to handle it. Whether it's a stained cup holder or a sun-damaged dashboard, our team at Calgary Car Detail is equipped to handle it all.

Proper Cleaning

Once we have evaluated the damage, the next step involves a deep cleanse. For this technique, we employ specially formulated solutions that are tough on dirt but gentle on plastic surfaces. It's essential to clean the plastic thoroughly, as unwanted particles could obstruct the restoration process.

Restoration Process

The secret to effective plastic restoration lies in using high-quality, professional-grade restoration products. At Calgary Car Detail, we stand by our commitment to deliver nothing but the best. This promise ensures the use of premium serums explicitly designed for plastic surfaces.

In terms of application, a meticulous approach is observed to ensure even product coverage. The restoration product is carefully worked into the plastic parts, and the excess is wiped off. This process is typically repeated until the desired outcome is achieved - shiny, glossy, and like-new plastic!


Restoration is not just about bringing the plastic back to life but also about providing it with a protective shield against future damage. Once restoration is complete, a layer of protective sealant is applied. This technique bolsters the plastic against wear and guards it from harmful UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting restoration.

Maintaining the Restored Plastic

Finally, proper maintenance is critical to preserving your freshly restored plastic. Regular dusting, occasional deep cleaning, and timely reapplication of sealant will help maintain the luster and shine of your car's plastic parts.

Experience the Calgary Car Detail Difference

When it comes to car detailing, beauty lies in the details—and this is what Calgary Car Detail does best. We don't just deal with your car's large, eye-catching elements. We believe that even the smallest cup holder or side door pocket deserves our full attention.

Investing in car detailing services, especially plastic restoration, is a savvy strategy. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your car, but it also improves its resale value. You may not realize it, but the details can make or break a sale.

Revitalize Your Ride With Us

At Calgary Car Detail, we combine our expertise, strategies, and the best techniques in the industry to transform your beloved vehicle into a new version of itself. Trust us to restore your car plastics; you won't be disappointed. After all, we are in the business of creating astonishing first impressions at our car wash. Allow us to help you make yours.

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  • Dash and centre console cleaning and dressing, streak-free windows

  • Complete vacuum of floor, trunk / cargo area

  • Seats cleaned and conditioned

  • Power wash of floor mats and dressing

  • Window and mirror surfaces cleaned

  • Plastics and trim cleaning and dressing

  • Floor mats power washed and dressed

  • Deep vacuuming

  • Door jambs cleaned



  • Everything in Bronze +

  • Spot shampoo of carpet and upholstery

  • Vents and cluster gauge cleaned

  • Complete Interior deodorized

  • Complete cleaning and conditioning of dash & centre console

  • Complete conditioning of all vinyl panels

  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned

  • Trunk vacuum and shampoo



  • Everything in Silver +

  • Complete shampoo of all upholstery/ seats and carpet floors

  • A thorough treatment and restoration of all vinyl, rubber, and plastic panels

  • High-end leather conditioning

  • Buttons, knobs, vents, and cluster gauge cleaned

  • Complete scrub down of all interior fabrics, leather, carpet,upholstery including all plastic

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