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Pet-Friendly Car Detailing Tips in Calgary

June 29, 20243 min read

If you are a pet parent, your furry friend brings you great joy. But they can also mess up your car with fur, paw-prints, and of course the occasional ‘unfortunate event’. You want to keep your car clean and smelling great. But your vehicle also needs to be a safe and comfortable environment for your beloved pet.

Here are some pet-friendly tips for car detailing Calgary you can use to keep your car looking great while it remains comfortable and secure for your four-paws.

Prioritize Regular Cleaning

Firstly, establish a cleaning routine for your car. Vacuuming regularly helps prevent pet hair and dirt from accumulating over time. Use a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment to remove pet hair from seating and floor mats. Don’t neglect the cracks and crevices where fur likes to collect.

Use Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

It really depends on the kind of cleaning products you use on your car. Some may be safe for your car, but not necessarily for your pet. Ingestion and inhalation of some chemicals may cause harm to your pet. Choose pet-safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions so you have a clean car and a safe pet. Make sure that the products you use are ‘non-toxic’ and ‘biodegradable.’

Protect Your Car’s Interior

To prevent mess around your car, it is best to put seat covers and cargo liners. These accessories don’t only keep your pooch from damaging your vehicle's upholstery in the event of an accident, but they are also easy to remove and wash. Waterproof seat covers also keep your car interior clean, as they can prevent stains from spillage and accidents.

Dealing with Odors

Your pet might leave some lingering odors that can be tricky to remove. Sprinkle baking soda on seats and carpets to eliminate pet odors and vacuum it up after a few hours. You can also ensure fresh smells in your vehicle with an air purifier that will eliminate pet odors and impurities to help you breathe better.

Address Accidents Promptly

Accident happens, but a quick response can avert a stain or lingering smell. Any liquid spill needs to be blotted with a clean cloth and then treated with a pet-safe cleaner. For solid spills, use a plastic scraper to lift the debris before cleaning the spot.

Visit a Professional Car Detailing Service

A detailing service is especially good for a deep clean. The pros have more time and the right equipment to remove everything, including gerbil hair, and beat every last crumb of pizza from the cracks and crevices. Plus, if you are in Calgary, many detailers specialize in pet-safe treatments.

Car Wash in Calgary

Another tip to keep the outside of your car clean is to regularly get it detailed as well as take it to a car wash Calgary. Ensure that you choose a car wash service that offers handwashing, as it can be softer on your car’s paint and remove dirt and grime out easily.


It’s quite easy to keep your car looking brand new and pet-friendly. Follow these tips and some regular cleaning routines, and you can enjoy driving with your pet without stressing about the unavoidable spills, dirt, and hair.

Are you ready for your car to have the royal treatment? Book your car detailing appointment with Calgary Car Detail and enjoy a ride fit for a king … and yes, a dog too!

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  • Dash and centre console cleaning and dressing, streak-free windows

  • Complete vacuum of floor, trunk / cargo area

  • Seats cleaned and conditioned

  • Power wash of floor mats and dressing

  • Window and mirror surfaces cleaned

  • Plastics and trim cleaning and dressing

  • Floor mats power washed and dressed

  • Deep vacuuming

  • Door jambs cleaned



  • Everything in Bronze +

  • Spot shampoo of carpet and upholstery

  • Vents and cluster gauge cleaned

  • Complete Interior deodorized

  • Complete cleaning and conditioning of dash & centre console

  • Complete conditioning of all vinyl panels

  • Leather seats cleaned and conditioned

  • Trunk vacuum and shampoo



  • Everything in Silver +

  • Complete shampoo of all upholstery/ seats and carpet floors

  • A thorough treatment and restoration of all vinyl, rubber, and plastic panels

  • High-end leather conditioning

  • Buttons, knobs, vents, and cluster gauge cleaned

  • Complete scrub down of all interior fabrics, leather, carpet,upholstery including all plastic

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